BTF 2-Bolt Flange for 1 1/4" Tube BTF03007

  • BTF 2-Bolt Flange for 1 1/4" Tube BTF03007

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The "BTF 2-Bolt Flange for 1 1/4" Tube" was designed to connect two pieces of round tube. A good use for this bracket would be a tube going over the top of an engine that needs to be removable or a cage tube connecting at the firewall. Two of the brackets can be bolted together and slid onto a piece of tube. One side is then tacked on then the other side is slid away while the cut is made. The second bracket can then be slid back and bolted on and then welded out. This bracket is stamped from 3/16" high-strength steel. The large hole is 1 1/4" and the two smaller holes are 3/8". The total width of the bracket is 3 1/2" and the bolt holes are 2 1/4" apart.

Type Brackets & Tabs
Vendor Blue Torch Fabworks
Tags General Brackets & Tabs

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