300378-1-KIT High Steer Trail Link Threeª Front 3-Link Kit w/14" Air Shocks (OEM)

  • 300378-1-KIT  High Steer Trail Link Threeª Front 3-Link Kit w/14" Air Shocks (OEM)

$ 1,424.78

High Steer Trail Link Three Front 3-Link w/14" Fox Air Shocks Due to customer demand, Trail-Gear has designed their signature Trail-Link™ Three Front 3-Link Kit to be used with High Steer. Trail-Gear’s Trail-Link Three™ Front 3-Link Kits are the only complete kits for Toyotas on the market today. This kit is affordable, user friendly, and strong. The Panhard is 1.25” x .250” wall DOM material, the other link material is 2" x .250" wall DOM tubing, and the rod ends are 1.25" Creeper Joints™. The Panhard bracket on the axle is 3/16”, all other brackets are 1/4” steel, formed and welded. The TG Engineers have designed kits to work with OEM or Rock Assault™ axle housings. With 14” shocks we are getting 40” to 50” of articulation depending on the suspension in the rear of the truck and the steering system. This kit has been extensively tested and has proven itself to be another superior Trail-Gear suspension product. Kit includes everything you need, except upper shock mounts. You determine the upper shock mounting location based on the desired ride height and the needs of your vehicle. Note: If you plan to buy a housing for this product please use a housing with the bare short side truss. This kit is designed for use with High Steer. For full hydraulic steering systems we recommend purchasing this kit instead.

Kit Includes:

  • (2) 14" Fox Air Shocks
  • (8) Link mounting brackets
  • (6) Creeper Joints
  • (8) Weld-in bungs
  • (2) Rod ends
  • (4) Misalignment spacers
  • (4) Shock length mockup strips
  • (2) Lower shock mounting kits
  •  All necessary link material and hardware
Vendor Trail Gear