130593-1-KIT IFS Steering Box, Ram Drilled

  • 130593-1-KIT  IFS Steering Box, Ram Drilled

$ 396.82

IFS Steering Boxes - Tapped
Looking for a steering box for your hydro assist steering system? We now have in stock Toyota IFS steering boxes that are drilled and tapped for hydro assist steering. Two # 6 JIC fittings are installed. After tapping, each box is thoroughly flushed and fully rebuilt. 1986-1988 Style box.
If you're the type that wants to tap your own box, we have the fitting you need to do it. The fitting has a male 1/4" pipe fitting on one end and male #6 JIC fitting on the other end. Two fittings are required for each steering box conversion.

Vendor Trail Gear