Scary Canary

Just after we moved into the new facility in Birmingham, AL Ben dropped off his yellow Jeep Wrangler.  It seems to be common place for people to have a TJ with a long arm kit.  One positive starting point to this build was the fact the Jeep had Dynatrac 60's front and rear.  From there the BTF crew started chopping and fabricating a solid trail Jeep.  While here at Blue Torch FabWorks, Inc the Jeep received many upgrades.  The most obvious changes have to do with the seats and cage as those items can easily be seen.  The cage was a custom built cage which tied into the frame.
       The front section of the cage utilized our BTF Jeep TJ Dash Tie-In Kit. The cage also features custom seat mounts to hold the PRP Suspension Seats.  PRP did a great job custom making the seats with yellow piping to match the Jeep.  The interior of the Jeep also received a quick disconnect steering wheel.  We installed the quick disconnect for a couple reason.  The first reason was the full hydro steering.  With full hydro the steering wheel rarely ever stays centered.  So with the quick disconnect you can simply pop the wheel off and put it back on straight.  The other reason is to make it easier to get in and out of the Jeep.  With many suspension seats the sides of the seat wrap up a little to help hold you in place.  The downside is you have a more difficult time sliding under the steering wheel.
       The Scary Canary Project was all about building a long travel suspension and keeping the ride low to the ground.  The wheel base was stretched out to 110 inches.  The front of the Jeep received some custom work to make more room for the tires.  The frame rails were cut off and angled in.  The frame rails were angled in for a couple reasons.  The first is it looks very cool, but the main reason is with a rig sitting that low at bump the tires can hit the frame at full bump.  At full bump and the steering at full lock is where you can see larger tires rubbing the frame rails.  The frame rail mods on this project were hand made.  After completing the build we decided it was time to make the concept a BTF production part.  You can find our
       The rear frame rails on this project were also modified.  Like the front we also have a production part to complete this part of the project.  For many years now we have been manufacturing the BTF Jeep TJ Frame Back-Half Kit. On the Scary Canary Project we used the back half kit in order to make room for the 16 inch coil over shocks.  The frame rails we offer compared to the factory setup go under the body in the wheel opening rather than up and into the wheel opening. Thus making a lot more room for the shocks.  Even with our frame rails you may need to clearance the rails a little to clear the shocks as the axle articulates.  You can see the reliefs in the rails in some of the pictures. Another important reason why we choose to use this kit is the rear bumper is moved up about 6 inches to provide more clearance in the rear.  Rather than the bumper sitting well below the body the bumper now sits just under the tailgate.  The bumper still protects the sheet metal so no worries there.  On a low riding rock crawler the added clearance the bumper provides can be to your benefit.  Installing the back half kit is simple.  Basically you chop the frame rails off, slide the new rails over.  Bolt the uppers into the body mount bolt locations, and adjust till square, then weld into place.  The rails do come through the sheet metal in the rear so you will have to do a little trimming.
        This project received 4 link suspensions front and rear.  The rear suspension is a double triangulated 4 link design.  The front received a reverse 4 link.  A reverse 4 link suspension has straight upper links and the lowers are triangulated to a custom built cross member under the transmission. The rear suspension has both the uppers and lowers triangulated.  Scary Canary sits so low at bump that the upper link mounts come up beside the radiator.  The rear upper links had to have sheet metal removed from the floor board in order to clear at bump.  Pockets were fabricated over the cut out area in the floor and welded in place to give it a factory BTF look.  Well factory as custom will allow.  We built a custom aluminum fuel cell with a bottom sump for this project.  The fuel cell sits at the rear of the Jeep.  By having the fuel cell in this location it is well protected while out rock crawling. If you are in need of a custom fuel cell call the shop for details.