Rock Mafia

Project Rock Mafia was built in just 15 days from a stock Jeep Unlimited Wrangler, to the top of the line crawler you see here.  The deadline was put on us in order to have the Jeep ready to go to the ’05 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT.   The stock axles were replaced with built Dana 60s with Detroits and 35 spline chromoly axles front and rear.  The rear 60 used our Dana 60 Rear Truss and the front used our “Dana 60 Truss with Ram Mount”. Suspension was a double triangulated four-link front and rear as well.  The brackets we used to make the suspension turned into production parts after the built, like our “lower link mounting system” and our “Lower Coilover Bracket System”.  In order to fit the Coilover shocks in the rear, the frame had to be chopped and replaced with what is now our “BTF Jeep TJ Frame Back-half Kit” which narrows the rear section of the frame to better clear shocks and other suspension components, it also incorporates a rear bumper into the frame section.  The front bumper is prototype version of our production bumper, and uses the “BTF TJ/YJ Grille Hoop/Stinger”. To clear the 42” IROKs,  the front fenders were removed for an early version of our production “BTF Jeep TJ Tube Fenders”.  The rear fenders were cut out and our “BTF Jeep LJ Comp Corners" were installed along with our “LJ Rocker Guards for Comp Corners”.   The interior is all custom one-of-a-kind with a BTF custom roll cage that not only captures form, but function as well.  The drivetrain was swapped out for a RamJet 350 V8 turning an Atlas II Transfercase.  This Jeep has the best of the best parts and will be wheelin' hard for years to come!