Project Rock Crusher

The owner of this Jeep Rubicon TJ came to use with only 6000 miles on the Jeep and wanted to

swap in 1-ton axles and new suspension.  RockCrusher Dana 60s with ARB lockers F/R were the axles of choice.  For suspension the customer wanted to do leaf springs in the rear rather than a coil-over type suspension.  This is actually the prototype of our  BTF Jeep YJ/TJ Rear Axle Stretch Kit  We used YJ leaf packs and gained 6" of wheelbase.  One of the reasons for the leaf spring stretch in the rear it is much easier to install, and costs considerably less when compared to a custom fabricated four-link suspension.  The front got a four-link with 14" Fox coilovers and an Anti-Rock swaybar.  The wheelbase ended up right around 100", which worked well with the larger 39" BFG Krawlers.

Another prototype part developed for this Jeep is our BTF   Jeep TJ Extreme Fuel Cell which kept the fuel tank under the Jeep while still allowing the wheelbase to be stretched in the rear.  

This Jeep also received custom BTF body armor all around.  Tube fenders, rockers, comp corners, and front bumper.