Project Low Life

Over the past few years we have been building the Fusion Chassis.  The Fusion Chassis is a great platform to build from.  The Low Life Chassis is a spin off from the Fusion platform.  While many of the dims are the same between the Fusion and the Low Life there are many changes in the Low Life Chassis.  
The Low Life Chassis is a 4 seat chassis. The rear is designed for a Jeep TJ style bench seat.  I recommend using a PRP Seat for this application. The chassis is fabricated from 1.75 OD x .120 DOM tube for the main structure. The Low Life Chassis has a rear bumper built into the chassis which makes a great step on the rear of the buggy.  The rocker tubes are boat sided up 2 inches from the ones on the Fusion Chassis.  The rear mid rail that wraps around the rear of the buggy rises two inches as it leaves the "B" hoop to give more clearance for tires. The front of the chassis is a different that the Fusion in a few ways.
On the front of the chassis we left the front fenders off of the chassis in order to get a much lower ride height.  We also opened up the firewall to allow the motor to be mounted much further back.  The engine location being back into the cab area can allow the front axle to come up in front of the crank pully.  If you are trying to keep the ride low then this will be something to consider.  I recommend running a HP Dana 60 front if you are shooting to be low.  With a HP you will run the upper links straight and the lowers angling in toward the transfer case. With a low pinion you will have issues with the driveshaft if you try this.
You may notice the lack of a grill hoop on this chassis.  We left the grill hop off in order to allow more options for this chassis.  For this particular chassis it will be getting a custom made 70's Chevy Blazer style hood and grille made by BTF. You can make many different sheet metal combos work with this set up and then build the tube to fit.  We refer to it as a "builders chassis". The roof is also different when compared to the Fusion chassis.  The Low Life Chassis has a flat roof.  This makes it much easier to fabricate a roof panel for the buggy.  
This chassis can be used with many different engines including big blocks.  Tire sizes can range from 35" - 54".  The wheel base can range from 100 inch to what ever depending on tire size.