Project Hurricane

Project Hurricane began way back in the day before BTF was a full time business.  Many of the parts on this build were hand made using basic tools.  A project like this is within reach of the DIY fabricator.  This build was completed in 2002.  Since then it has been through a couple different owners.

The Jeep came to BTF as stock YJ with one purpose in mind which was to build it into rock crawler.  The Hurricane name for this project came from the owner living in the path of most Atlantic hurricanes.  Dumb I know, but that is where the name came from.  Back to the Jeep.  The front axle is a Dana 60 and the rear is a 14 Bolt.  The front suspension received a 3 link with coil overs and the rear was a four-link with 1/4 elliptical springs.