Project HD TJ

This jeep belonged to one of our web guys, Brit Mansell of Octane Media.  He brought us this jeep to build into a roller with all BTF parts you'd need on a hardcore trail rig.   The Jeep was going to get a 6.0, 6L90 and an Atlas II, so everything was striped down and the body was removedfrom the frame to get a fresh start on the "ground up" build.  The rear section of the frame was removed and replaced with our TJ Frame Backhalf kit  to gain more room for the coilover shocks, once installed.  After the frame modifications we bolted the body back on and began installing TJ body armor.  We installed our BTF TJ Tube Fenders, BTF Comp Corners, and our BTF Rocker Guards for Comp Corners.  We also installed a weld-on front TJ bumper with winch plate, and finished it off with the BTF TJ Full Cage.

The suspension on this Jeep uses mostly off-the-shelf parts we make.  For the front suspension we chose a 3-link design for the Dana 60, using our BTF 60 Rear Truss System for the front upper link.  We planned to run coilovers so we welded on our D60 Lower Coilover Mount for Inner C to push the shock as close to the knuckles as possible for best geometry. The 3-link uses a "panhard" bar set up to control the axle laterally, so we used our Panhard Bar Frame Bracket for the chassis and built a custom bracket for the axle end.  We also used our 60 High Steer Arms for the Hydro assist steering. The rear suspension got a standard double triangulated 4-link using our 14 Bolt Truss System with pinion guard and the Upper Link Frame Mount kit for the uppers.  For the lower links we used the Angle Link Tab Set, and our Link Mount System("batwing").   Coilovers would also be used on the rear so to mount them to the axle we used our Lower Coilover Bracket System.