Project Evil Bastard

Evil Bastard is the original Fusion Chassis.  It was the first one built from notes on a Waffle House napkin.  Many out there think you need a cad program to design with.  The thing you need most is the ability to see what you are going to be doing 10 stages ahead.  The production version of this chassis received a few changes.  If you are wondering what was changed"

you may not notice.  The front frame rails are 2 inches lower on the production version.

Anyway, Evil Bastard featured MOG 404 axles, and 4 link suspension front and rear.  The front coil overs are 14 inch travel and the rears are 16 inch travel.  The tires are 42 inch Iroks on Trail Ready beadlock wheels.  The engine is a RamJet 350, the tranny is a 700r4, and the transfer case is an Atlas 2 speed case.

Evil Bastard received many firsts for BTF product. Obviously the first Fusion Chassis and all the parts that go along with it, and the MOG 404 High Steer Arms were first built for this project as well.  Since then, we have many customers running the MOG high steer arms around the world.

Something many people don't know about this build is it was completed from a roller in a roughly 20 days.  When I say roller I mean the chassis was built, the suspension, and the drivetrain was mounted.  All of the sheet metal, and other fab work was completed in very short time period for a trip to Moab for some Easter Jeep Safari rock crawling.  During this time frame we also built the Rock Mafia Jeep LJ.  Our entire staff stayed at the shop for roughly a month to get it all completed in time.  Both builds came down to the wire.  Evil Bastard was completed, driven down the street to fuel up and the loaded on a trailer headed for Moab.  The road trip that followed was long after the hours we had put in to finish the project. 

Update:  A few years ago the chassis was sold and the new owner wanted to make it into a four seater so he could take the family wheeling. In addition, he also requested the MOG axles be replaced with a 60 front and 14 bolt rear.  BTF cut the chassis apart and built what is now the "Fusion 4"