BTF Work Truck

The Blue Torch Work Truck started life as a loaded 2008 GMC 3500 dually.  It was used to pull our enclosed race trailer.  It was modified with 8 to 10 lug spacers to run 22.5 wheels and semi tires, as well as some performance modifications such as a full Banks kit including an intercooler. 

The truck is now in the process of being transformed into a chase/work truck for our race car.  First order of business was to replace the bed with an 8’ utility service, as well as changing to a single rear wheel set up. 

To convert to SRW we used hub spacers in the rear to mount our black 20”  XD series Addict wheels.  For tires we chose LT325/80R20 BTF All-Terrains that measure about 36” tall. 

Update: 7/12/11

  The BTF WorkTruck has been taken in a new direction yet again.  As we near prime racing season, we needed to be able to tow our big race trailer, but with the big service bed this wasn't an option.  We made the decision to replace the service bed with a flat bed better suited to pull our trailer.  The new flatbed will serve as storage for a few select necessities with the lower side storage compartments while allowing us to tow our trailer properly.