BTF Viper

Project Viper began as any other build here at BTF quickly taking on a life of its own.  The project began with a Jeep TJ and the request to make it low.  So the BTF crew dug into the build to create a dream ride for the client.  All of the fabrication work was completed and the owner and his son did the finishing work.

Rock crawling has seen many changes over the past years.  One of the trends is to get your ride a little lower to the ground to make it handle better.  Not so low that it hangs on everything, but low enough to handle side hills, big drop offs, and more.  This rock crawler is on full width Dana 60 axles from and rear.  The rear axle has a BTF Dana 60 Axle Truss System installed.  The front uses the triangulated lower four link mounting tabs we offer.  The rear suspension is a double triangulated 4 link design where both the uppers and lowers are triangulated.  The front suspension has straight uppers in order to clear the engine at bump.  Bump meaning sitting at the bottom of the suspension cycle.

The wheelbase on this project is roughly 108 inches.  The tires are 42 inch Iroks.  The front coil overs are 14 inch travel and the rears are 16 inch travel.  The dash was custom made here in house.  It is fabricated from a steel frame and fiberglass.