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The Blue Torch Fab race team began in 2007 when they decided to race the 1st official King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, CA at The Hammers trails.  Since then, Blue Torch has competed in several different kinds of events across the country, including 2 King of the Hammers races, Vegas to Reno, Parker 425, and many more. 

The car that was originally built for KOH went through many changes over the years.  After KOH ’08, the chassis was torn down and cut up for a nearly complete redesign, as well as adding a few new touches to run the 2008 Best in the Desert “Vegas to Reno” race in the new Ultra 4 or 4400 class.  In order to compete in the V2R, such modifications like larger fuel cell, transmission coolers, new suspension design and more were required to be competitive. After the new additions to the car, it was more than ready for the upcoming KOH.  For '09, Professional short-course and desert race driver Rob MacCachren would be behind the wheel racing KOH in the BTF car.  The car was fast and running strong, but due to an engine failure it was unable to complete the race.  In 2010 Blue Torch stayed a little closer to home and raced in 2 ECORS or East Coast Off-road Racing Series races.   However, the main motivation was still King of the Hammers, as these two ECORS races were qualifiers for the big KOH race.

After getting the desert race bug, Blue Torch purchased a Jeep Cherokee which had all of the requirements to enter into the JeepSpeed desert racing class.  After the first race at the Part 425 in 2011, the Jeep was torn down in order to get some much needed modifications.  The engine was replaced with an ATK 4.0, and a Hughes Torque 904 transmission was swapped in. Other upgrades include Currie 9” rear with 5:43 gears, ATX wheels, and General Grabbers all make for a great race Jeep.  Much of this wouldn’t  have been possible without the help of the guys at the FabSchool for providing a place to prep for the races as well as great race support. 



In addition to JeepSpeed, Blue Torch will be involved in RZR racing in 2011.  BTF just built a brand new 2011 Polaris RZR XP 900 with custom parts and all the safety requirements needed.