BTF True High-9 Skid Plate

BTF True High-9 Skid Plate
Part Number: BTF11091
Price: $139.99

Product Description

The "BTF True High-9 Skid Plate" was originally designed for Becca Webster and her Red Bull RockHer 2 rig.  We used one on the front and rear her car.  This fabricated diff skid is made from 1/4" thick high-strength steel plate.  It bolts to the lower 5 studs of the housing and the lower 3 bolts in the pinion support.  It will protect the ARB line and keep your studs in good shape to make removal of the third member easy.  It also serves as a skid to help you slide over the next rock without incident.

***The Price Has Been Lowered!!!***  We have been able to lower our material costs because we have received such a large response to this part.   If you have already ordered you will be charged the new price.