BTF Toyota 8" Rear Kryptonite Differential Cover (DIY Kit)

BTF Toyota 8" Rear Kryptonite Differential Cover (DIY Kit)
Part Number: BTF11084
Price: $59.99

Product Description

The "BTF Toyota 8" Rear Kryptonite Diff Cover" was designed with pure function in mind. Like all of the Kryptonite Series Diff Covers the BTF Toyota 8" Rear Kryptonite Diff Cover is fabricated from 1/4" high-strength steel plate. The cover welds on over the stock housing. You are not required to remove any portion of the stock diff. All diff covers are shipped unpainted. This is more than just a cover. It adds strength to the rear of the axle on either side of the "hump" where it is the weakest. It welds to the housing with 1 1/2" long stitches to prevent warpage and allow for dirt and mud to drain. The fill plug recess is fabricated with 1 3/4" round tube to strengthen the cover in the area of the plug and also to prevent the fill plug from dropping into the cover. This cover can also be used in conjunction with our "BTF Toyota 8" Rear Axle Truss" and our proprietary upper link mounting plate to link the rear of your Toyota truck. You can order the whole kit in the "TRUSS SYSTEMS" portion of our products pages.

This product ships in a kit form.  It will arrive in 4 pieces that must be fit together and welded inside and out.