BTF Dana 80 Kryptonite Differential Cover (DIY Kit)

BTF Dana 80 Kryptonite Differential Cover (DIY Kit)
Part Number: BTF11077
Price: $59.99

Product Description

The Dana 80 Diff cover is designed with pure function in mind. Like all of the Kryptonite Series Diff Covers the Dana 80 diff cover is fabricated with 1/4 inch steel plate for the cover and has 3/8 inch steel ring for the base. With a 3/8 inch thick steel ring the cover is built to resist "peel up" as you drag your diff over rocks and other terrain. The Dana 60 diff cover has a fill plug. The fill plugs have a cnc machined boss that extends out to protect the plug. All diff covers are shipped unpainted.

This product ships in a kit form.  It will arrive in 5 pieces that must be fit together and welded inside and out.