BTF 1 3/4" Round Tube Shock Tower Kit

BTF 1 3/4" Round Tube Shock Tower Kit
Part Number: BTF07069
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Product Description

The BTF Universal Shock Tower Kit can be modified to fit many different applications. We use them on just about all of the custom coil-over and air shock installations we perform in the shop. In some applications there may be some trimming of the shock towers to make them fit. The kit is shipped unwelded to allow the installer the option of how long they need the be. The kit is a weld on kit only. The shock towers are fabricated from 1.750" o.d. x .120" wall round tube. The shock tabs for the towers and axle tube are 1/4" thick laser cut p&o steel. The tower braces are 1.75" o.d. x .120" wall round tube. The kit also comes with tower bases and grade 8 hardware.