BTF Jeep YJ/TJ Wrangler Rear Axle Stretch Kit

BTF Jeep YJ/TJ Wrangler Rear Axle Stretch Kit

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  • BTF Jeep YJ/TJ Wrangler Rear Axle Relocation Kit installed
Part Number: BTF07017

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Price: $299.99

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The BTF Jeep YJ/TJ Rear Axle Stretch Kit is a simple way to relocate your rear axle back about 6 inches to clear larger tires and add much needed wheelbase.  Cutting the rear fenders is required for the install of this kit.  Included in the kit is a rear bumper, shackle mounts, and two frame side caps.  The kit is very simple to install.  The kit is designed to work with Jeep XJ rear leaf springs.  The stock gas tank needs to be replaced with fuel cell in a new location.  Rear Fenders will need to be cut out to allow room for tire in new location.  Rear corner body mounts must be removed to allow room for the tire during suspension articulation.  Rear drive shaft will need to lengthened.  Brake line must be relocated.  Must fabricate new lower shock mounts. Uses a Rancho RS9000 shock.  (Part # RS9010)  Rear Traction Link HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  *No parts are supplied to make these modifications.*  Please call if you have any questions.  INCLUDED WITH THE BTF TJ/YJ Rear Stretch Kit: One Rear Bumper Assembly with D-Ring Mounts Included and Two Side Frame Plates  (Used to cap off the ends of the formed plate). Our "Jeep TJ/YJ Rear Leaf Spring Buckets" must be used to mount the front side of the rear spring on a TJ.  The TJ Kit can be used with YJ springs also.