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BTF Bottle Opener Gusset

BTF Bottle Opener Gusset
Part Number: BTF03042
Price: $4.99

Product Description

Like all of the BTF laser-cut gussets, the "Bottle Opener Gusset" is approximately 3" wide x 3" tall x 3/16" thick with a square edge. The gussets could be ground on each edge to work work in slightly more acute or obtuse angles. They could be used in a variety of cage design or suspension/bumper reinforcement situations. Our gussets are cut from high-strength steel plate.

The Bottle opener gusset can serve two functions.  The first is to add strength to a project, and the secondly it can be used to open your favorite bottled beverage.  NO drinking and driving.  This gusset will be a useful tool at your favorite campsite.  The gusset comes to you in a non-operating form.  Depending on which side you want to open the bottle you will have to use a die grinder or file to angle one side of the edge that comes in contact with the bottle top.  Just make sure to file the side off that will make it operate on the side of your choice.