BTF Weld-on Caliper Brackets for Dana 70

BTF Weld-on Caliper Brackets for Dana 70
Part Number: BTF11026
Price: $34.99

Product Description

The "BTF Weld On Caliper Brackets" were designed with the latest CAD software and laser cut from 3/8" high-strength steel plate.  The brackets are designed to work on Dana 70 rear axles.  The caliper bracket kit includes 2 caliper brackets.  This kit utilizes brake rotors from a '73-'87 GM 3/4 ton front axle and calipers from a '73-'87 1/2 or 3/4 ton front axle.  Our caliper brackets offer multiple mounting locations to insure proper fit no matter what pinion angle you are running.  You can shed massive weight from your Dana 70 by doing a disk brake conversion.  Disk brake systems are cheaper and easier to service than drum brake systems.  Disk brake systems are self cleaning.  No more brake drag from dirt in the drums.

NOTE:  The brackets will also work on a Ford 9 inch axle.  This is the brackets the guys over at Xtreme 4x4 TV have been using on 9 inch axles.  If you have any questions please let us know.