Fusion Chassis Interior Sheet Metal

Fusion Chassis Interior Sheet Metal
Part Number: BTF12007
Price: $699.99

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Product Description

The BTF Fusion Chassis is a great way to begin building your next buggy. BTF offers a complete interior sheet metal set for the chassis. When you purchase this set you will receive the following:

Right Side Floor Panel

Left Side Floor Panel

Transmission Tunnel

Transmission Tunnel Bolt Ring

Lexan Window Panels for the firewall (replacements can be purchased if required)

Main Firewall Panel

Secondary Firewall Panel for drivers side

Rear Bulkhead 

Some welding will be required to assemble and install the panels. We recommend welding in the firewall and rear bulkhead. The tunnel and floor panels should be bolted in. It is also recommended to weld nuts the the bottom side of the floor panel to make removal and installation of the tunnel easier. When mounting the floor panel we normally weld trick tabs to the tube with nuts welded to the underside of the trick tab.

The floor panels are CNC laser cut from 1/8 inch steel plate.  Some fitting and manipulation of the parts may be required to insure proper fit.